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Architectural Design

The most important step in the construction of a building is the architectural design. Considering the Regulations and your demands for the construction of your house, Ktiriodomi undertakes the whole of architectural projects and you can take part in making your dreams come true and having your dream house.

Static Analysis of Buildings

Our office undertakes Static Analysis of Buildings.

Site Plans

In Ktiriodomi we undertake the designing of site plans concerning:

Correcting, creating and legalising plots and parcels of land to meet the local and national regulations.


Ktiriodomi undertakes all the arrangements for the issue of your construction permit and we submit it to the Department of Buildings in your Municipality. It is our duty to follow the procedure from the very beginning until the final issue of the permit.

Construction Undertaking

Ktiriodomi undertakes the construction of your building up to its delivery to you. The constant monitoring of the work, the experience and the knowledge of both our qualified personnel and co-workers, give us the capability to accomplish every demand for a complex and functional building.

European Subsidy Programmes

Ktiriodomi undertakes the application for the subsidies from the already existing programmes, concerning tourist accommodation, hotel complexes, renovation of rooms for rent. You only have to trust us and the rest is our job. With the collaboration of experienced financial experts we set up your application and follow its progress up to the final approval of the subsidy. Afterwards, we can undertake the completion of the subsidy with the justification and supporting documents for the payment for the work.